Pet food handling and storage systems and machinery

Cusinato started as a company specialized in the construction of pasta plants; today, it is well established also in the pet food industry, thanks to important projects and results achieved with companies that are leader in the pet food production.

Learn more about our machinery to stock, convey and mix dry food products for animals. Our industrial pet food storage systems and conveyor systems can also mix the products in order to obtain multi-taste pet food composed of biscuits of different types. Every detail in our storage and conveyor systems for pet food is designed to avoid the stagnation of dust and product shrinkage, and the contamination among different production batches.

Cusinato manages to maximize the personalization of its systems and plants in order to exploit all the available spaces and allow the client to stock more products in smaller spaces. All our pet food processing equipment and systems to stock, handle and convey (both horizontally and vertically) pet food are designed and manufactured specifically to satisfy the client’s needs and available spaces.