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Vibrating surfaces, feeders and conveyors

Optimised loading and conveying.

Loading is optimised thanks to vibrating machines such as the Cusinato vibrating surfaces, screen feeders and conveyors, by distributing the product at the loading point of the elevators, filling the buckets completely to make sure they are at maximum capacity.

The vibrating machines, available in various models, are used to even out the flow of products for continuous loading, not only for Bucket elevators but also for Drying, cooling or storage belts.

Strengths of the our vibrating conveyors and feeders:

  • Optimised elevator loading;
  • Conveying and handling of particularly greasy and sticky products that are also delicate;
  • Homogenisation of premixed products (e.g. multi-coloured pasta);
  • Horizontal conveying in tight spaces;
  • Wide range of configurations.
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