• Storage plants for short cut pasta
  • Sieving and cleaning of the product

Cusinato Innovative Conveying and Storage Technologies

Since 1964 the firm of Giovanni Cusinato produces machines for the transport and storage and mixing of granular products for the food industry or not. 
Cusinato is now a leader in the design and construction of plants for handling and transport of short and long pasta, flour and other products.

The Cusinato system and machinery can be delivered / installed with turnkey service. Cusinato follows the plant from design to commissioning guaranteeing, thanks to specialist teams and technicians, installation in a workmanlike manner and final testing of plants and individual machines.
The Cusinato systems and equipment may be provided with control panels and control to CEI and IEC properly sized. Appropriate degree of IP protection, complete with PLC, with or without operator panel up to full computerisation. The wiring on the machine, the testing and the technical tests are performed by technicians Cusinato.
A Toll-free number available, the real-time management of complaints, analysis and information on innovations and improvements, all spare parts available in stock, a maintenance plan and a technician Cusinato available for assistance and interventions in place.
An online system to access a restricted area and to reorder, no margin of error, and spare parts. Easy to use, with graphical layouts navigable and clickable, through the serial number of the equipment, the system identifies the components you require, it allows you to schedule maintenance and prevents the risk of downtime. Online also the technical documentation and manuals for installation and use.