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Cusinato Giovanni has been active in the field of industrial handling and storage systems for fragile or delicate products for over 60 years.

The company was established by Giovanni Cusinato, who now runs it together with his sons: by combining attention to detail, a passion for innovation and quality materials, it designs systems and machines that ensure the highest level of reliability over time with the utmost care for the products being conveyed.

Its customers include leading international brands and companies operating in various sectors, including pasta, pet food, snacks, dried fruit and nuts, cereals, flours and flour products, dried legumes, seeds, sweets and non-food products.

Constantly evolving since 1964

Since 1964, we have been committed to making our customers’ work easier and more efficient: to do this, we listen to their requests and needs and translate them into functional, reliable systems.

Choosing a Cusinato system means choosing a custom-made system with high-quality, reliable components and materials.

Today, thanks to our extensive experience and research, we are present in 85 countries worldwide with more than 2,600 silos installed. Every year, we store or handle more than 30% of the short pasta produced globally.

In June 2018, we took over CMB Srl with a view to expanding our offer with a branch specialising in storage and conveying systems for flour products.

In fact, for the last 76 years, CMB has been a leading manufacturer of storage and processing systems for flours, cereals and derivatives for the feed, milling, pasta and chemical industries.