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Fifty years of experience of unique ideas and original patents, make the Cusinato Company a leader in the creation of plants for transport and storage for fragile or delicate products. Our plants are in the service of all sectors in which are necessary the handling and storage of granular products such as pasta, flour, vegetables, dried fruit and nuts, snacks, candies, frozen food, pet food, special sands and so on. Flexibility, customisation, and quality are the strong points of our handling, transport, and storage plants. Each machine guarantees maximum reliability over time with a minimum level of maintenance and full respect of the transported product.


Since 1964 the Giovanni Cusinato Company produces machines and plants for the transport and storage of fragile products for the food industry and also for other fields. Our goal has always been to make it easier and more efficient for our customers’ work, by listening to their requests and requirements.Thanks to the work carried out over the years, today the Cusinato Company is a leader in the design and manufacture of handling and storage plants for long and short pasta.The Cusinato Company is present in 30 countries around the world with more than 1,000 installed systems and each of our customers can witness the efficiency of our machines.
The Cusinato Company is UNI EN ISO 9001/2008 certified.


  1. Custom made design

    A company’s succes is measured in terms of customer satisfaction, and its winning strengths are put to the test out in the field challenging international competition. Cusinato has brought into line its winning assets from in-house design, managed by a team of specialist who know how to find the right solutions to problems, to bespoke design satisying specific customer requirements. From careful analysis of all the needs of every Customer, comes the ideal solution in terms of design, manufacturing and production times, focused to the full satisfaction if the initial aspirations.

  2. Giovanni Cusinato: profession-pioneer

    The founder of the Cusinato Company began his business in another era: that where a good insight – machines extraordinarily different – could give rise to a great industry and enthusiasm was enough to keep it young. A “sub-trader” full of insight and luck, in a market niche, and therefore difficult by definition: that of handling and storage of food products, in the sixties. How to improve those machines and the customers’ plants? By “lending an ear” and sensitivity to the differences among the products, to their peculiarities: short pasta is different from dried fruit and nuts, which in turn is not like candies.The challenge is taken with enthusiasm, which soon turns into an entrepreneurial spirit, is armed with infinite patience, strengthens on an unconditional love for work and dreams of the ambition of being able to revolutionise an “old” little industrial world. Fifty years of continuous growth, of exclusive ideas and original patents, of research and development bind together forever today the Cusinato name to a market leader Company, , and are the best witnesses of a great entrepreneurial story and certainly the pride of Giovanni Cusinato.

  3. Quality is to make a machine by listening to the customer

    A little rule hides the secret of a great success: long before the machines, come the customers, the historic customers just like those just met. To become effective interpreters of their needs they must all be fully understood.This is the great legacy of Giovanni Cusinato: only in this way you can get the assurance to respect the partners and to receive their respect.
    The project, often the result of original patents and unique solutions in the world, is an important value. But the machine and the benefit of its use belong intimately to the customer; they integrate his understanding of the work. It is from this feeling that begins production on demand making the strength of the Cusinato Company: the art of extreme customisation, able of making the plant one with the ideal expressed by the customer. Each new plant marks the progress of our industrial values: the high reliability in the long run, the flexibility of use, the economy of the project, the easiness in management and control, the high standards of safety, the possibility of being transformed, with updating, in a machine ever new.
    From all this comes out the Cusinato Company quality.

  4. Great artisans of the global market

    A company that produces according to artisan logic, when it receives a global reputation must necessarily make a choice: should it remain an excellent specialist and manufacture products for a market niche or should it pass over to an industrial system capable of meeting large orders on trans-national markets?

    The Cusinato Company wished to follow both roads and they have been successful.

    To pass over from artisan organisation to industrial organisation was necessary to enhance skills and improve the quality of work, but the growth in size, while enhancing the production speed and capacity, has occurred without betraying the artisan spirit which has always been at the centre of the Cusinato Company vision.

    The UNI EN ISO quality certifications, obtained and consistently confirmed, do justice to a method that appears, from the very start, winning.

    Electronics and IT have transformed the manufacturing processes, now safer and more precise, while the organisation now is that of a complex company, in need of new technical and managerial forces, which remains, however, according to the beliefs of the founder, a great family.
    Choices and goals that make the Cusinato Company a reality particularly fast in responding to the demands of request, design, manufacture and delivery; however, we believe in slowness in the testing and checking phase – and we pride of this – because we wish to devote the correct time to everything, especially those that are important. Just as a craftsman.

  5. From father to son: a company of a new generation

    Giovanni Cusinato was successful in conveying the spirit and energy to his children, Sonia, Fabrizio and Vanni; it is they that with the commitment and enthusiasm of an already global experience have shaped a more objective and pluralistic company, where all points of view are important.
    Thanks to them, the new Cusinato Company can acquire the professional skills that will ensure growth, innovation, technical development, safety, and agility of management for years to come. A “system” mentality belonging to the new generation, which spells out in the total quality expression the dream that Giovanni Cusinato envisioned such a long time ago, even before they were born.

  6. We belive in the future, because we think about it today

    The Cusinato Company thinks about your future. In collaboration with prospective clients of new markets and new countries. In managers who wish to grow thanks to the great experience of the Cusinato Company and who think flexibly. In the flexibility that is the secret of youth, at any age and the ability to adapt rapidly to new market forms which is and will always be a key strategic quality: here and anywhere else. We believe in creativity, in whoever is open and honest, in whoever is willing to bet in experimenting to anticipate market trends. Solid bases and possible promises: this is our future, and it can be yours.