Bucket elevators conveyor – Jolly Model

Simplifying to improve flow rate and performance with the Cusinato bucket elevator conveyor

The Jolly series bucket elevator conveyors, with their flexible, modular and customisable system, offer the option of conveying a wide range of products even in difficult environments.

These washable bucket conveyors are especially suitable for products that are corrosive, dusty or difficult to convey, these bucket elevators are designed to offer unrivalled sturdiness. Manufactured with guards consisting of panels that are easy to disassemble, the Cusinato bucket elevator conveyors allow for quick maintenance.

Strengths of the Jolly series bucket elevator conveyors

Cusinato’s bucket elevator conveyors are one of a kind machine for the food and non-food industry. Our washable bucket conveyors are:

  • designed to operate even in very difficult environments;
  • simplified buckets, easy to handle and sanitise;
  • suitable for conveying powders, greasy and oily products;
  • complete with bucket-emptying system;
  • automatic chain lubrication system, programmable and customisable via PLC;
  • design to ensure mechanical quality and sturdiness mechanical, minimal maintenance and a long life;

These washable bucket elevators are also suitable for large flow rates and available in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from extremely compact, with a low flow rate, to extremely efficient (up to 65 m³/h). Moreover, up to 30 models and types of buckets are available depending on the product to be conveyed.

Thanks to its modular structure, the Jolly bucket elevator is particularly easy to assemble, and is designed to be modified and integrated also at a later stage, which makes it suitable for all requirements. It is available with quick delivery.

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