Bucket Chain Conveyors – CTC series

Cusinato bucket chain conveyors: a new conveying concept.

The CTC series Cusinato bucket chain conveyors are designed for medium and high flow rates, and are equipped with an exclusive anti-contamination system that ensures complete separation of different product batches in sequence, which are fully checked to avoid mixing or unintentional contamination.

Our bucket chain conveyors can be up to 50 linear meters long and are equipped with manually controlled, electro-pneumatic or motorised intermediate unloading points. Special surface treatments prevent and limit the product from being damaged by friction.

Cusinato bucket chain conveyors can be deployed in several food industries for fragile products, such as pet food, cereals and seeds.


 Strengths of the CTC series bucket belt conveyors

  • Specialisation in the compressed pellet feed sector and, specifically, pet food;
  • A valuable, cost-effective solution for moving and sorting products that must not be damaged and/or contaminated;
  • Low handling speed and exclusive mechanical solutions to avoid product breakage and stagnation;
  • Without abrasive rubbing action.

For specific distribution needs, a special series of CTC chain conveyors can be used, thanks to its unique structural design, to distribute the load both upstream and downstream of the loading point.

Over the years, Research & Development in the field of CTCs has led to high-quality solutions and implementations that prevent product and dust stagnation, thus allowing the chain conveyor to be used with different product batches in sequence.

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