Industrial belt conveyors and belt feeders

Simplicity meets hygiene: Cusinato industrial belt conveyors.

The simplicity and original solutions offered by the Cusinato industrial conveyor systems for the food industry ensure maximum hygiene and zero contamination of products from different batches.

Made with selected materials and highly experienced labour, our belt conveyors are the ideal tool for the horizontal or slightly inclined conveying of fragile, granular food, and non-food products. Specifically, the products that can be conveyed on these industrial belts conveyors are: dry pasta, pet food, snacks, dried fruits and nuts, dried legumes, cereals and seeds.

Strengths of the Cusinato stainless steel belt conveyors and belt feeders:

  • The belt conveyors are equipped with effective devices to avoid contamination between products: side containment systems, hoppers and continuous cleaning systems;
  • Wide availability of flows, even very high, guaranteed;
  • This belt conveyor is a Cusinato exclusive: special sides are installed in the belt conveyors (which have an exclusive design and are easy to replace), suitable to easily and quickly install the sealing and containment systems.

Our industrial belt conveyors are available in the following configurations:

  • With a shuttle system, with storage function or in a cascade system;
  • With a concave or flat conveyor surface;
  • With highly efficient systems against dust or fragment infiltration;
  • With fixed sides, with standard or greater heights;
  • With a vulcanised slat belt (if requested).

The special care taken to prevent product stagnation allows a wide range of products of different grain sizes, even very fine ones, to be conveyed.

Our belt conveyors and industrial conveyor systems can be completed with:

  • Scraper with drawer or suction hopper for collecting dust;
  • Automatic rotation control system;
  • Painted steel or transparent polycarbonate covers, which can be either fixed, bolted or hinged;
  • Anti-clogging probe.
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