Cusinato “Pasta Nest” Storage

The ideal solution for particularly fragile products.

In order to address the need to store increasingly fragile and bulky products, Cusinato has designed a dynamic storage system by creating an optimal multi-level system for “nest” formats or other giant formats, which are impossible to store in conventional static silage systems.

The level storage system can be customised with a wide range of configuration options depending on the space available.

The storage system consists of:

  • Purposely designed bucket elevator (patented)
  • Linking conveyor belts
  • Level storage
  • Unloading belts
  • Spiral chute

The loading conveying system of the Pasta Nest Storage is designed to be fed either directly from the production line or from stand-alone systems. It allows for an even thickness to form over the entire width of the storage area, with variable thickness set by the Customer according to product requirements.

On the unloading side of the storage system, a spiral chute allows the nests to descend into a vibrosieve towards the packaging line.

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