Spiral chute conveyors

Product integrity lies at the heart of storage: Cusinato spiral chutes. 

Ideal in all cases requiring drop conveying, with Cusinato stainless steel spiral chutes product breakage can be avoided completely thanks to optimally designed inclined dropping. They are successfully used for filling silos with a wide range of fragile products.

Strengths of the spiral chutes:

  • Made of stainless steel with surface treatments to allow the product to flow easily;
  • Vertical spiral conveyor with fixed or diversified pitch, designed to preserve product integrity;
  • Electromechanical systems for complete chute emptying, preventing contamination between different products, even for particularly complex product formats;
  • Accurate surface finishes with exclusive devices that prevent the product from stopping or stagnating;
  • Successfully used with various fragile food products such as snacks, dried fruit and nuts, dried legumes, etc.

They are available in different types, either for filling storage silos, or simply for conveying and dropping the product between two drop levels placed on different levels or surfaces.

Made by Cusinato using special machines and equipment specifically designed for this purpose, our spiral chutes are available in various sizes and differ in terms of capacity and type of product to be conveyed.

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