Reliability: a choice constantly renewed over time. And in practice.

Foto impianto Granarolo

Our mission of introducing the companies with which we have had a professional relationship based on esteem and cooperation for many years continues. A connection that demonstrates reliability and is the result of a mutual trust built over time.

The Antico Pastificio di Bologna

This is the case, for example, of Granarolo – an ancient pasta factory originally from Bologna, which relocated to Granarolo dell’Emilia in the 1960s – the first company that chose us 30 years ago. In fact, in 1989, the Emilia-based company entrusted us with our first business challenge – at the time we had just begun to produce and sell under our own brand – which was to build the first “Cusinato” short pasta storage plant for a pasta factory.

A long time has passed since then, and many things have happened: our company has grown and has become more and more specialised, our market has expanded globally, but our focus on customers has remained unchanged. Obtaining the trust of Granarolo was a milestone we wanted to mark as the beginning of a process focused on the quality of both storage facilities and on the services offered to customers.

A system that is still operational after 30 years

This is evidenced by the short pasta storage plant set up for the Granarolo pasta factory in 1989, which today runs perfectly, also thanks to the ordinary maintenance work carried out periodically with very low machine downtimes. In fact, in the last few weeks, we have been working on this plant so that it can be used with the new configuration of the packaging department.

The plant, which was originally designed with two production lines feeding three packaging machines, has been upgraded and reconfigured to also feed a fourth packaging machine in order to meet the need to manage several types of packaging.

Total stored capacity 30 t.
Total silos 12
Production lines 2
Packaging lines 4

But not only. For us, reliability is not just about plant durability. If a plant has been running for 30 years, it means that the whole company has been going in the right direction, namely, aiming to achieve customer satisfaction.A long-lasting trust

This is proven by the perseverance of those who continue to choose us. Over the years, the Granarolo pasta factory has continued to place its trust in us by asking us to install additional storage systems at its facility: a second plant was built for the company in 1998 and a third one in 2015.

Total stored capacity 60 t.
Total silos 18
Production lines 1
Packaging lines 4

Total stored capacity 15 t.
Total silos 5
Production lines 1
Packaging lines 4

The fact that we have become one of Granarolo’s suppliers and that we continue to work together, keeping up with its ongoing developments, is a source of satisfaction for us. A source of pride. An honour.