A new storage system for Abbiamo Pasta Company

Foto Impianto Abbiamo Pasta Company

In the United States a new Made in Italy storage system for Abbiamo Pasta Company

Cusinato Giovanni is a company with a strong international vocation. In fact, in recent years alone, Cusinato has installed several plants in Europe, Asia, the United States, South America and North Africa.

Who is Abbiamo Pasta

One of the latest projects carried out overseas is the storage system for Abbiamo Pasta Company in North Dakota – USA. A producer of high-quality short pasta that uses the finest semolina and spring wheat produced in North Dakota and ensures the quality of its products by using SQF food quality standards, HACCP and GMP quality management procedures to promote a production and supply chain environment of continuous improvement, food safety and environmental policy.


The system in numbers

The system was installed in 2020 and put into operation in 2021. Served by a 4,200 kg/h short pasta production line, it includes two loading points with two 6,000 kg/h bucket elevators, a 200 m3 storage divided into 10 silos of 20 m3 each, and two unloading points with two 9,000 kg/h high-capacity bucket elevators.

Currently, the customer has asked for an extension of the storage with 15 more silos and a new infeed station, thus resulting in a plant consisting of:

  • 3 infeed points with 3 bucket elevators of 6,000 kg/h
  • a storage of 500 m3 divided into 25 silos of 20 m3 each
  • 2 unloading points with 2 high-capacity 9,000 kg/h bucket elevators

Some of the silos have been designed with an extra inlet for loading special pasta shapes such as Fidelini/Vermicelli/Capelli d’Angelo. The system is equipped with STORAGE EVOLUTION 8.0, a powerful and flexible automation dedicated to the optimal management of the distribution of the finished product to the packaging and allowing complete tracking and traceability of the handled product.