Industrial vibrating sifters

Cusinato’s vibrating sifters: maximum efficiency in product cleaning.

The Cusinato linear vibrating sifters combine sturdiness and resistance to mechanical stress with highly effective cleaning, thus allowing the perfect separation of the product from dust, fragments and lumps, even large in size.

Modern and sturdy, built with top quality components: the entire range of industrial vibrating sifters ensures long life and minimal maintenance.

Strengths of the Cusinato vibrating sifters:

  • Unparalleled stability thanks to the special shock-absorbing elastic elements and to the perfect balancing of the moving masses;
  • Maximum hygiene and reliability;
  • Highly efficient in separating the product from lumps, dust and fragments, even at high flow rates;
  • Various grain sizes can be separated;
  • The vibrosifters can be prepared quickly thanks to the quick unhooking system for replacing the sifting frames, either manually or by quickly unhooking them via servo control;
  • All parts that come into contact with the product are made of stainless steel;
  • Wide variety of models depending on the required conveying capacities, even very high ones.

The Cusinato linear vibrating sifters offer excellent reliability and versatility, which are essential requirements for this type of machine, which is particularly subject to high levels of mechanical stress. The use of special shock-absorbing elastic elements and the perfect balance of the moving masses offer both unparalleled stability and highly efficient cleaning and separation of the product from lumps, dust and fragments.

On request, our vibrating sifters can be completed with:

  • Top guards;
  • Small divided frames that allow single operators to easily replace all sifting surfaces;
  • Design of tailor-made sifting frames, depending on the product used by the customer.
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