Bucket Elevators, an Evolution in the transport of granular products

Vertical and horizontal bucket conveyors Cusinato: a revolution for the conveying of granular products.

Intelligence, automation and flexibility: three challenges. Three missions that have been carried forward for decades with perseverance and conviction and which are expressed in all products we design and build.
Three terms which have become evident, especially with the creation of bucket elevators and conveyors: an exclusive, patented, latest generation system that is the result of years of design, research and testing.

A system that twenty years ago, when it was produced, represented a watershed marking the before and after in vertical and horizontal transport of fragile and delicate products.
These systems have, in fact, revolutionised traditional plant engineering from a technological and mechanical point of view, keeping the conveyed product intact and preventing any spills.
Our almost obsessive attention to detail has also contributed to a constant technical evolution, so that using our bucket elevators is now equivalent to choosing a reliable, hygienic and quality transport.

This technology is still efficient two decades since its introduction. To make it even more focused on market requirements, we have recently upgraded it entirely in order to ensure maximum system durability, reduce maintenance and the risk of system downtimes.
The technical upgrade was carried out on the entire family of elevators, today more than ten, and all models of buckets amounting to almost a hundred versions. A vast range that varies according to the products to transport and the construction materials selected, metal or plastic (which, by choice, are all metal detectable and certified for the food industry).
The “Jolly” series completes the offer, which is dedicated to various sectors such as Pet-food, seeds, legumes, dried fruit and inert materials.
The production range enables the creation of machines with a wide variety of configurations and equipped with multiple points for loading and unloading. The flow rate goes up to 60 m3/hour, whereas the most important creations include bucket elevators with heights up to 20m or lengths of over 40m.

Reduced maintenance of our systems is guaranteed by maximum efficiency of every component used and the support and guide system of the chain. A system created with special self-lubricating materials assembled on special, exclusive aluminium extruded profiles that can be integrated in the horizontal sections by additional profiles to collect oil and to prevent dust and product stagnation.
Today, “Cusinato” elevators have experience in thousands of installations in over 65 countries worldwide.

The latest creation of the range is the CIP – Cleaning In Progress – elevator made entirely of stainless steel and specifically designed to transport food products. It is designed to perform automated cleaning and sanitisation cycles at end of production. Another project generated through dialogue with our customers who, rather frequently, become our inspiration, stimulation and impulse!