Storage Evolution 8.0

storage 8.0

Cusinato’s response to the AUTOMATION request!

Technology is the driving force of Cusinato.
The latest version of STORAGE EVOLUTION 8.0 is the most updated development of the automation application for CUSINATO storage systems.
For many years our company has distinguished itself in the handling, storage and mixing sectors of fragile granular products thanks to the great quality and reliability of its plants as a result of our investments in technology and innovation.
Technology for Cusinato means attention in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge machines and systems, careful selection of materials and components and development of smart components, i.e. the applications.

The software at the core of our systems becomes an integral part of the Customer’s production process, from production to packaging.
For Cusinato, application technology is now called STORAGE EVOLUTION 8.0, the system that makes all storage and distribution operations simple and intuitive: a large step forward with respect to traditional automation systems as it is a simple and intuitive platform designed to minimise potential human errors and to verify and monitor system operation throughout its product loading, unloading and distribution stages.
But above all STORAGE EVOLUTION 8.0 is the answer to all traceability needs in the food industry. Thanks to it, the operator is able to record and verify the path taken by the product at any time and keep track of it.

A vertical, flexible and fully customisable tool, updated according to the highest current standards: through its user-friendly HMI (SCADA) interface, in fact, in all cases where a finished product package presents any critical issues, the system can identify the route it has travelled, the silo that stored it and the line that manufactured it. Therefore, it will be the key tool to analyse and identify any manufacturing anomaly.

The system can implement all options required by the market today, MES, ERP and Industry 4.0, supports remote assistance and generates a routine plant maintenance program: a wide range of services and opportunities that make STORAGE EVOLUTION 8.0 a true evolution and the answer to automation needs in the storage industry for granular products.