An efficient integrated cleaning system

An increasing number of food industries need to implement internal handling of their products under high conditions of cleanliness and hygiene.

To meet these requirements, Cusinato has designed the JW Series bucket conveyor with CIP (Clean-In-Place), capable of performing customisable washing and cleaning cycles, optimising costs and resources used.

A practical and innovative solution which, through an effective integrated bucket washing and/or sanitising system, makes it possible to meet the most diverse customer requirements.

Main features: 

  • Possibility of customising washing programmes according to the product and the degree of cleaning/sanitising required, optimising the use of water and detergents;
  • Automated discharge point closure system during washing;
  • Specially designed components and buckets;
  • Various options for post-wash drying; 
  • Wide choice of bucket models by capacity and type of product handled;
  • Possibility to interconnect with existing customer washing system.  

The flow rates of these conveyors can be up to 25 m3/hour.


Almond processing plant