New Pet Food storage facility at CJSC “Aleyskzernoprodukt”

We have successfully tested a new Pet Food storage facility at CJSC “Aleyskzernoprodukt”, a leading company in flour milling in Russia, which since May 2004 has also extended its offer, enlarging into a Pet Food production facility.

The Cusinato system, located in a multi-storey plant, is composed of an automated system for feeding and extracting the storage silos of a 5,000 kg/h Pet Food line for dog and cat kibbles, and manages the subsequent conveyance of the product towards the packaging department. The whole system is controlled by the « Storage Evolution 8.0 » supervision system.

CJSC « Aleyskzernoprodukt » is a reference Company in Russia, founded in 1996 and specialized in the processing and marketing of wheat, with a complete technological cycle from cultivation to grinding, up to the production of short pasta.

Thanks to the intelligent use of high-quality modern technologies managed by a professional team and offering a wide range of products in the market, CJSC « Aleyskzernoprodukt » has a turnover of 100 million euros with 1,050 employees.