Cusinato’s signature quality

You are surely aware which route your product takes during the production cycle, but have you ever wondered what makes this journey not only a fascinating process but also a safe and quality one.
For end users, it is certainly important to have products that are intact, but for manufacturers it is not sufficient: the product must not only be intact but also clean and hygienically flawless, and all this must be achieved through a reliable, long-term process that allows them to “rest easy without any worries”.

This is precisely the aspect that our company has been focusing on for over 50 years, with the aim to develop qualified solutions for handling and storing granular products.
Such commitment requires great responsibility on a global level. In fact, to date, almost 30% of the short pasta produced in the world is conveyed on our machines, which are present in over 60 countries.

Each day, we strive to do this with quality in mind; for us, quality is a daily challenge in a constantly evolving world, with different needs that change continuously and that are more and more often related to the territory and traditions.

For us, quality means focusing on our customers, which is why our approach is primarily based on cooperation; our activities are customer-oriented, thanks to a continuous exchange of know-how and by sharing of goals.
This is why we work responsibly: we are committed to honouring the commitments made while respecting the loyalty that our customers have shown us over the years, and continue to show us.

To show utmost respect for our customers, we have adopted a Code of Ethics that establishes a set of rules and principles of conduct and internal control, and we are now certified in accordance with DNV-GL ISO 9001 and UNI EN 1090-1:2012.

In our increasingly competitive sector, complete customisation is what makes a difference: each system is customised, designed and tailor-made in order to meet the requirements of each customer, on the basis of production criteria, quantities requested and logistical requirements.
We build systems that are designed in detail to ensure maximum flexibility in order to meet current needs and anticipate future developments that are always difficult to predict completely, but that are certainly conceivable and achievable thanks to modular machines, which are appropriately sized, reliable and durable over time.

For us, downtime must be an extremely unlikely event and, to avoid any inconvenience, all machines are designed to be reliable, with programmed and simplified maintenance. For years, we have been providing an after-sales service supported by a warehouse that is always well-stocked for any eventuality, as well as direct support from our team of Specialist Technicians, through direct intervention and an online spare parts service.

Our ability to supply “Made in Italy” products, characterised by high reliability over time with high standards of safety and hygiene goes hand in hand with continuous innovation. We invest not only in research but also in people, and we believe in our customers; we develop state-of- the-art systems and we are committed to improving our skills every day, so that we can offer our customers peace of mind, making sure end users receive their products intact.