Cusinato Group completes the storage plant at Pastificio Felicetti

One of the most ambitious projects Cusinato has just started is the storage plant for the Pastificio Felicetti  in Val di Fiemme, Trento region, Italy, put into operation in the last quarter 2021. The Felicetti family has been a leading player in the production of excellent, high-quality pasta for more than a century, and for the last thirty years it has relied on the expertise of Cusinato, purchasing their equipment since 1992, a winning collaboration that has allowed Felicetti to maintain high quality standards, and that gave way to Cusinato to design a very modern customized plant, with the latest technology solutions available.

Attention to detail – hygiene and cleanliness

Particular attention was paid to anti-contamination systems, including dedicated solutions that avoid deposits and product breakages and where the critical pasta path have been redesigned for extra safety and care. All parts of the system have been made easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning.


The plant technology – traceability and safety

The plant is equipped with proprietary software, the STORAGE EVOLUTION 8.0, which allows you to keep control over the conveying cycles, and track the product from production to packaging; the same software manages the maintenance activities by programming and controlling interventions on individual utilities without stopping the entire plant. The whole system is certified through Moca Conformity Declaration (and satisfies the Industry 4.0 requirements).