Alce Nero Cooperativa Agrobiologica ARL
Antonio Amato Molini e Pastifici S.p.A.
Barilla Group
Colussi Group
Empresas Carozzi S.A.
Harinera del Valle S.A.
Infolink Groupù
Jolly Sgambaro S.r.l.

Nuh’Un Ankara Makarnasi San. Ve Tic As.
Oromas S.A.
Pasta Alimenticias Romero S.A.
Pasta Capri C.A.
Pasta Zara Group
Pastificio Cerati S.r.l.
Pastificio Felicetti S.r.l.
Pastificio Guido Ferrara S.p.a.

Philadelphia Macaroni Company
Productos Alimenticios Gallo S.L.
Productos Alimenticios La Moderna SA de CV
Rey Pastificio S.r.l.
Rummo S.p.A.
Tamma Industrie Alimentari di Capitanata S.r.l.
Valdigrano S.r.l.
Valfleuri S.A.


Alimentos Polar Comercial – Pet Food
Biologia y Nutrition S.A. – Pet Food
Bonomelli – Spices
Bresolin S.r.l. – Dried Fruits and Dried Legumes
Cannamela –Spices
Effeffe Pet Food S.p.A. – Pet Food
Farmina Pet Food S.p.A. – Pet Food

Gheda Mangimi S.r.l. – Pet Food
Haribo Group – Sweets
Illy Caffé – Coffee
Lameri S.p.A. – Snacks
Monge & C. S.r.l. – Pet Food
Morando S.p.A. – Pet Food
Murano S.p.A. – Dried Fruits and Dried Legumes

Nestlé Purina Petcare Group – Pet Food
Pedon S.p.A. – Dried Fruits and Dried Legumes
Pioneer Hi-Bread Italia S.p.A. – Seeds
Pizzoli S.p.A. –Potatoes
Unichips – San Carlo – Potatoes
Veronesi S.p.A. – Feed