Bucket elevators Jolly Model

Bucket elevators Jolly Model

Bucket elevators Jolly Model

  1. General information

    A flexible, modular, customisable system, which extends the range of bucket elevators that Cusinato produces. Even the basic version gives the option of transporting a wide range of products even in the particular environments in which it is installed.
    The “Jolly” system, which has a modular structure, is designed so it can be adapted and integrated at a later time, thus adapting to every need. The modular design makes the “Jolly” system particularly versatile and easy to assemble and it also allows you to manage all its parts in stock ensuring fast delivery.”Jolly” is designed to give the maximum strength and versatility, with special solutions to facilitate cleaning and hygiene. The closing panelling, easy to disassemble and reassemble, simplify all maintenance operations.The Jolly range is divided into 3 categories with various lengths available:

    • Mini Jolly – up to 10 mt³/h;
    • Jolly – up to 30 mt³/h;
    • Maxi Jolly – up to 65 mt³/h;

    There are up to 30 models and types of bucket elevators available depending on the size of chosen bucket and the product that it must convey.

  2. Technical description

    Bucket Elevators model ZJ with 1 unloading point 37d763be02







    Bucket Elevator model CJ with 1 unloading point d0428445a7







    Bucket Elevator model ZJ or CJ with multiple unloading points


    TYPE Bucket width mm Bucket volume m3 Capacity m3/h from Capacity m3/h to
    JOLLY 460 460 5.9 6 15
    JOLLY 660 660 8.5 9 22
    JOLLY 960 660 12.3 13 30
    JOLLY 1260 1260 16.2 17 40
    MAXI JOLLY 660 660 18.3 14 35
    MAXI JOLLY 960 960 26.6 20 45
    MAXI JOLLY 1060 1060 29.4 22 50
    MAXI JOLLY 1260 1260 34.9 27 60

Bucket elevators Jolly Model


Fifty years of experience of unique ideas and original patents, make the Cusinato Company a leader in the creation of plants for transport and storage for fragile or delicate products.

Our plants are in the service of all sectors in which are necessary the handling and storage of granular products such as pasta, flour, vegetables, dried fruit and nuts, snacks, candies, frozen food, pet food, special sands and so on.

Flexibility, customisation, and quality are the strong points of our handling, transport, and storage plants.

Each machine guarantees maximum reliability over time with a minimum level of maintenance and full respect of the transported product.